1. Are all members Rotarians?
    All members of the Fellowship need to be Rotarians or have a connection to Rotary. A few members may be widows/widowers of Rotarians or Rotaract members.
  2. What is HomeExchange50plus.com?
    They are our commercial partner. They have been in the home exchange marketplace for many years and have database technology for facilitating home swaps. Their owners are reliable and experienced and they have many non-Rotary members. Rotarian Home Exchange Fellowship members can choose, but are not required, to consider trading their home with non-Rotarians.
  3. Why would I want to consider trading my home with a non-Rotarian?
    This will give you more date and destination choices. My family has swapped 20 times with non-Rotarian families. I think 80% of the adults in these families would make excellent Rotarians. Studies have shown that that the home exchange community is middle to upper middle class, more than 90% have attended University, over 60% have advanced graduate degrees. Three of our closest friends are non-Rotarian families we met while trading homes in England, Sweden, and France.
  4. Why are home exchange and Rotarians a good combination?
    Rotarians support international peace and understanding. Visiting another country on a home exchange provides significant exposure to other cultures and peoples. You should visit local Rotary clubs while on exchange. You will make connections and learn more about current events and culture. For example, I have read much in the press about the German attitude towards other countries sharing the Euro. In Berlin I had a half hour discussion with a German businessman on this subject after the Rotary meeting. I visited one Berlin club so often I was invited to the party celebrating the induction of the new President.
  5. Can I trade homes in my own country?
    Yes, this is common.
  6. Do I have to be over 50 to participate?
    No, though it happens that most Rotarian Home Exchange Fellowship members are over 50. We have traded with people in their 30’s.
  7. Can I contact you with questions, suggestions, or if we have difficulties?
    Yes, please do.

John Mensinger

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