Read this first…

Read this first…

The purpose of the Rotarian Home Exchange Fellowship is to encourage home exchange by Rotarians. When you trade the use of your home with a family from another country you are engaging in a serious and sincere cultural exchange program. I have had the pleasure of leading a Group Study Exchange Team and youth exchange groups to foreign lands. Our family have hosted scores of visitors from around the world. These programs allow us to make friends, encourage international peace and understanding, and have fun. Home Exchange accomplishes these objectives too.

The Rotarian Home Exchange Fellowship has partnered with an independent home exchange agency, They have a sophisticated website for facilitating house swaps. When you join the Rotarian Home Exchange fellowship your home is listed with other Rotary homes for exchange. If you want you can limit your home exchanging to Rotary families only. If you wish you can also choose to consider trading your home with non-Rotarians that are members of This will provide you more choices.

This website includes a lengthy guide to help you trade your home with Rotarians or non-Rotarians. The guide is long and detailed and you don’t need to read it to be a successful house swapper. If you have any questions or suggestions about home exchange please contact us.

When you visit home exchange websites, including ours, they will entice you with lovely homes in beautiful places around the world. They will suggest that if you send them your money and sign up you can trade your home for these places. As you can imagine it is not that easy. This website discusses negative aspects and disadvantages of home exchange as well as the positives.

It is possible to have a negative experience with a home exchange, though serious problems are rare. Should you be unlucky with home exchange please realize that the purpose of this disclaimer is to warn you that problems are possible and to shield the Rotarian Home Exchange Fellowship and from any legal liability. You use this site at your own risk. You should always be careful and cautious with home exchange even with other Rotarians. There is a possibility that a Rotarian Home Exchange Fellowship listing is not from a Rotarian. This is rare but could happen if Rotary membership lapsed, there was a database error, or someone chose to lie about being a Rotarian.

This website may include specific information and statistics that may become outdated or may have been wrong in the first place. Please keep this in mind.